Conference Room Booking


DynamicHRISConference Room Booking is useful for organizations having multiple conference rooms in their premises.It can help receptionists / Admins to plan and manage the booking of these rooms for employees / visitors and management. Users can also book the facilities needed in the conference room viz. Projector / White Board, Pantry,etc.


Room Details

Maintain and Manage details of all the conference rooms in your organization .Search for free rooms by size and equipment. Search criteria can be set based on specific requirements such as seating capacity or the availability of room.

Room Scheduling

Book and schedule rooms as per requests given by user. You can also pre-book a particular time-slot on a daily / weekly /monthly etc. basis for recurring schedules.It automatically reserves the selected dates against the room with attendees.

Confirm Availability

Double Booking automatically conflicts when making single or recurring reservations for a given date and time.”Double Booking” has been designed to recheck if any resource is not available by filtering down for a given date and time.

Meeting Requests

External users can be invited to an event.Invitations to the users can be extended by using the search option in  User Groups. External users can be added and invited by their email Id.

Manage Minutes of Meeting

DynamicHRIS can be extended for maintaining minutes of meetings for the attendees. The minutes can be managed and circulated to users. Also it can used for assigning tasks from the meeting.

Outlook Integration

DynamicHRIS Visitor Management data can be integrated with your Outlook, thus helping you to track all your important visitor’s calendar requests from your outlook.