Travel Expense Management System


DynamicHRIS Travel and Expense Management Solution caters to streamline and automate the submission and approval of multiple expenses and expense types. Expenses include travel, lodging, car rentals, meals, etc. It focuses on restructuring your company’s present travel expense management system to cut losses and maximize profits. DynamicHRIS has an integrated travel and expense solution which helps organizations save time and money spent during every step of the business journey i.e before, during and after the trip. Built-in workflow and travel rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve expenses.


Travel Booking

Book business travel from a broad selection of in-policy options. Travel Booking can be routed to HOD / Reportee for Approval.

Travel & Expense

Employees can manage domestic and international travel, reserve rental cars and make hotel and rail reservations – all from a single system.

Automated Workflow

Automate your Travel and Expense process with approval and rejection workflow.HOD /Admin/ Accounts can review, approve & process on fingertips.

Controlled Expenditure

Travel and Expense Management helps to control organisation expenditure by implementing policy management process. Policies can be implied at Employee / Grade / Location and Designation wise. This helps in having tight controls over all the expense heads across offices and streamline processes.

Itinerary Management

After you book your business travel, managing all the trip details – from air, hotel, dining reservations and more – can be time consuming and disorganized. With T&E‘s integration, all of your trip information is organized and accessible in one place.

Centralized Policy Management

Manage all rules and policies from central location. Policies can be set as per your grade, designation, Level, band etc. Policies can be set for all expenses viz. travel, lodging, food, telephone, internet etc.