Leave Management System


DynamicHRIS Leave Management System streamlines communication between HR with  employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of leaves of employee . It speeds up and simplifies your entire leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: Privilege Leaves, Sick Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Vacation, Training, etc. Analyze absence patterns to help maintain efficiency and reduce lost time. Leave Management enables you to apply for leave online, view leave balances and track all your employee leave information from one central place. s Leave transactions of Employees are accurately tracked and leave balances are automatically updated. You can import/export leave summary for integrating data with other applications.


Online Leave Application

Empowers your employees and department heads to self-manage leave information. Employees can logon to the Leave Management System and check Leave Balance / Leave History and apply for the same.

Leave Approval / Rejection

All leave requisitions should be approved or rejected by Approving Officers. Apparently we can also configure it to be approved by HR Head or Alternate Approving Officer based on Company’s policies.

Hardware Integration

Integrate your leaves with hardware devices like Biometric, Swiping Machines and Biometric with GPS etc. We can seamlessly integrate the same with DynamicHRIS leave management module to calculate Employee Leaves.

Leave Policies

Manage all leave policies like Leave Accrual, Leave Increment, Leave Encashment, Sandwich Leaves, Carry Forward, Leave Application Policies etc.It can be controlled from Leave Masters.

Leave Calendar

Manage Location wise Leave Calendar / Holiday Calendar / Weekly off Details.Leave Calendar helps in pre-planning your leaves in a current financial year / Calendar year.

Leave Policy Assignment

Assign Leave Policies based on Employee Grade / Location / Local / Overseas Leaves along with leave policies to Probation / Permanent Employees or set of employees.