Employee Timesheet Management


DynamicHRIS Timesheet management provides an efficient process to track time on a task-by-task, project-by-project basis. It helps in tracking entire project related tasks, milestone and employee timesheet.This can be later converted as Invoices for Projects executed by employees.It will reduce non-billable time in an organization. Each employee gets their own login and reminders so you don’t have to micro manage recording timesheets.


Project and Timesheet

Project and Timesheet assignment helps to assign tasks/subtasks to employees.Employees can view the projects and tasks on which they are assigned.Milestones and Project Completion can be tracked.

Project Reporting

Keep track of time and therefore cost on multiple Projects and multiple clients. Watch on what Activities and with which Clients your employees are investing their time.Tracking of Projects and Timesheet is critical for any organisation’s success.

Resource Allocation

Quickly find and allocate resources based on project needs, availability and skills to ensure projects are staffed properly and completed on time. With full visibility to your resources, you’ll be able to maximize utilization and forecast resource demand.

Budget & Cost Analysis

Prepare budget for projects in terms of effort and estimates.Identify at-risk projects which are profitable and which are not before it’s too late.Timesheets can be traced against project costs!

Approval workflows

Employee can submit timesheets for approval.Timesheet and Expense data can be approved / rejected by HOD / Project Managers and later send for client approval by Project Managers.

Export to Spreadsheets

Download timesheets & reports as spreadsheets.Use DynamicHRIS timesheet application to extract reports and data to create your own reports in Excel, PDF or other formats.