Recruitment Manangement System


DynamicHRIS Recruitment Management module helps to enhance the hiring process by making it transparent, paperless and process oriented by systematically organizing the entire recruitment processes. DynamicHRIS provides a powerful, effective and efficient recruitment platform for users to reach quality candidates in the resume database fast and accurately. Our Recruitment Management System helps to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment process. Recruitment management system helps to contour the recruitment processes and effectively managing the ROI on recruitment. With just a click, Candidates, Recruiters and Managers all involved in the recruitment process gain real time visibility and can take action on any critical step from source to hire.


Intranet Job Posting

DynamicHRIS Recruitment can help HOD’s post their employee requirements.These requirements can be moderated and then asked to HR team for filtering candidates

Resume Databank

Receive and manage applicants instantly, and save them in the database. Categorize all resumes based on your preferences. Built in OCR helps in better search results.

Pre Screening

Post scheduling interviews with candidates, you can Pre Screen candidates and manage interview process.Capture employee basic details for future reference.

Assign Interviews

HOD’s can create, edit, schedule and assign interviews. These schedules are mailed automatically to applicants and Reporting Heads also track its status like as Shortlisted / Rejected / Approved / On Hold etc.

Document Generation

Generate Documents like Appointment Letter / Offer Letters / Confirmation Letter etc. from the system and autosave them in proper files / folders and directories like designation wise / department wise / year wise etc.

Employee Finalisation

Add the selected data automatically to Employee Master post the selection of candidate. All the data during the Pre-screening and recruitment stage gets automatically populated in Employee Master Database.