Performance Management System


Employees Performance and Appraisal management is always a tedious task to do and involves encumbrance. It is an unending process of setting employee objectives, monitoring their progress contrary to the objectives, evaluating results, recognizing their performance and then retaining the top performers with appraisals. DynamicHRIS provides a complete and effective solution which helps to record the key accomplishments of the employee in accordance with analyzing their developmental plans. Performance strategies are recorded as the basis for monitoring and analyzing performance and these records are accessible by both the reporting managers and employees. DynamicHRIS delivers robust functionality that helps your organization execute the self and peer reviews with absolute certainty.


Key Result Areas

DynamicHRIS maintains employees Key Responsibility Areas (KRA) of performance essential to the organization and individuals success in the company. Well defined KRA’s can help employees focus on their tasks and manage time effectively.

Objectives and Goals

Maintains individual objectives to create and support the organization goal. Major Job functions & responsibilities, both shared and individual should be addressed within a better goal framework.DynamicHRIS helps in defining Objectives for employees.

Tracks Performance Review history

DynamicHRIS keeps a detailed history of all past performance reviews. It shows the Completion date, Review Type, Performance Rating, Reviewer’s name , additional comments and whether there was a salary change or not.

Performance Review

DynamicHRIS allows you to easily attach completed Review Forms within the employee record and post notes for each review.

Future Performance Reviews

Performance reviews automatically schedules future reviews. Multiple “next reviews” are allowed for disciplinary and regular reviews.

Alerts and Reports

Alerts feature helps to notify managers by auto generated emails of upcoming Performance Reviews within their departments.